[DeckRecipie] Mythic BE Dragon Rulers (Aug 27 2014)

This deck is my pride and joy. 

Over the course of the past 8 months it's gone through about 4-5 reworks, the most major one being from having no Skill Drains to having 2. Originally this deck was made based on the Blue Eyes White Dragon structure deck, which means it only had the dragon rulers added and one of each of the mythics (tree/water dragons). While it was a good deck, it wasn't competitive. When this deck was originally built it didn't run Influence Dragon, the card troopers, Miracle Dig, the soul charges, Raigeki Break nor the Dragonincarnation; and it was a solid 40 card deck. Ever since it's last rework this deck has been serving me well. Most duelist would say it's a cheap deck to run, but those who are true to the game know this deck requires a lot of skill- especially skill in remembering how timing works and the order of which you should do the combos :3

Main Deck Size: 41
# of Monsters: 16
# of Spells: 13
# of Traps: 12
Extra Deck Size: 15
# of XYZs: 9
# of Synchros: 6

Monster Line-up:
 Run 1 of Each.
+Heart of the deck.
+Brings themselves out from the Graveyard
and your hand by banishing 2 dragons or a
monster of their given element (wind, earth, fire,
water). But be careful, you only have so many 
materials ;D They each also have a special ability
such as Foolish Burial. Just read 'em!
+Used for synchros.
+Used for fancy XYZs such as 

Run at 2.
+Useful for cards such as Trade-in to draw 2.
+Used as Synchro material for cards such as
Leo and Star Eater.
+Can also be used as XYZ material for cards such
as Heliopolis and Felgrand that require 2 lvl 8s.
-Not a target for any of the Dragon Rulers is probably
the only downside to running this card, but it can be
used as banishing material to bring a Dragon Ruler out.

Run at 2.
+Useful for Cards of Consonance to draw 2.
+Necessary for synchro cards such as Scrap Dragon
Stardust and Stardust Spark.
-No real XYZ purpose.
+Fire target for the Dragon Ruler Blaster.
+Pretty good when summoned in face down defense
position due to it's high defense.

Run at 2.
+ Run in conjuction with the 
Mythic Water Dragon. Use effect
to make it a level 8 which helps
make cards such as Heliopolis.
+Target for the Dragon Ruler Redox.

Run at 2.
+Useful for cards such as Trade-in to draw 2.
+Used as Synchro material for cards such as
Leo and Star Eater.
+Can also be used as XYZ material for cards such
as Heliopolis and Felgrand that require 2 lvl 8s.
+Target for the Dragon Ruler Tidal.

 Run at 2.
+VERY useful in getting dragons to
the graveyard via it's dropping effect.
-Not really useful for syncing.
-Not really used for XYZs.
+Target for the Dragon Ruler Redox.
+Can be used for Star Eater.

Run at 1.
+Used mainly as synchro material.
+Used with Cards of Consonance to draw 2.
+Can bring a dragon out from the graveyard when
normal summoned.
+Target for Dragon Ruler Tempest.

Run at 1.
-Effect doesn't really come in handy since
most of the cards you will be running are
already dragons.
+Synchro material for Black Rose (currently
I use this as a side card because it's ran in my 
Gusto's) when ran.
+Also a Tempest target.
+Use with Cards of Consonance to draw 2.

Spells Line Up:

Run at 1.
-Not really reccomended to run more than
one because it becomes a dead card in
+Since you will be banishing a lot in this
build, this card will get 3 removed from
play monsters back into the graveyard!

Run at 2 (side 1).
+You will be running level 8s, this gets them
not only into the grave from hand but gives 
you an additional draw of 2 cards.
-Only works for level 8 monsters, but don't worry
this is why the next spell card comes into play.

 Run at 2 (side 1).
+Using the tuners of this deck, drop one to 
grave for an additional 2 card draw.

Run at 3.
+This deck relies on having materials in
the graveyard, and this card gets them there.
+Drops 2 dragons into the grave 
(1 non-effect, and one with an effect).

Run at 1-2.
+Brings monsters from the grave
without having to pay a cost other
than skipping your battle phase. This
has allowed me to make Scrap and 
Stardust Spark in the same turn which
has won me games.

  Run at 1.
+Banishes a monster, which I've
used before to get either the Tree Dragon 
or Water Dragon by banishing either 
Tidal or Redox.
+Really impress your play mates
by running the gold rarity of this ;D

Run at 2-3.
+Fairly straight forward card that
gets rid of a card on your opponents
back row.
-They can activate said card in 
response if able to.
Traps Line Up:

  Run at 2.
+Can get rid of almost anything
on the field as long as you have 
something to drop (which is fine
because we love having stuff in 
our graveyard for this deck)

Run at 2.
+Fairly straight forward trap
that returns a banished dragon
to your hand rather than the
grave which Miracle Dig does.


Run at 1.
+Pretty much a staple card.
+Prevents your opponent from summoning
a monster (or monsters) with 1500 atk.

Run at 2-3.
+Was reccomended to me  to
run at 3, but I've liked running
it at 1 but I might put the 3rd
back in one day.

Run at 1.
+This is an answer card to 
your opponent attacking. 
+Usually saved to get rid 
of more than one monster,
but it just depends on how 
the match goes.

Run at 1.
+Gets rid of monsters.
-Unfortunately this includes yours 
as well.

Run at 2.
+Pay 1000 life points to
negate on field effects, which
include your own monsters
and your opponents.

 Run at 1.
+pay 2000 life points to prevent a 
pesky summon.

Extra Deck Line Up:
Star Eater x1
Leo- Keeper of the Sacred Tree x1
Scrap Dragon x1
Stardust x1
Hieratic Sun Dragon Heliopolis x1 
Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand x1
Number 74: Master of Blades x1
Number 11: Big Eye x1
Mecha Phantasmbeast Dragosack x1
Number 46: Dragulon x1
Alsei x1
Number 62: Galaxy-eyes Prime Dragon x1
Stardust Spark Dragon x1
Crimson Blader x1
Gaia Dragon x1

Side Deck:
These are cards I may or may not have. I haven't really become a siding pro yet... so a lot of the time I just stick to my main deck cards unless playing on YGOpro.
Upstart Goblin x3
Foolish Burial x1
MST x1
Burial From a Different Dimension x1
Skill Drain x1
Colossal Fighter x1
Black Rose Dragon x1
Trident Dragon x1
Exciton x1
Red Nova Dragon x1
Lavalval Chain x1
9/1/2014- It was suggested instead of the Raigeki Breaks to run Phoenix Wing Windblast.

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