[Touhou] Reitaisai 8 Rescheduled; 13th Touhou game Demo Delayed

The next installment in the Touhou series of hell shooters (aka shmups) was slated to be released in demo form at the 8th annual Reitaisai convention originally scheduled for March 13 2011 but due to the recent 9.0 Earthquake Japan was hit by the convention has recently been rescheduled for May 8th 2011 at a place called Tokyo Big Site. This 13th game (aka "Ten Desires") will feature veteran Touhou characters Reimu, Marisa and Sanae as well as a 4th character named Youmu Konpaku who was not in a Touhou game since the 10.5th game (pictured in order below).

I personally haven't played enough of the Touhou games to know if these characters are good. I can only say I'm a Flandre fan and she's clearly not listed. Reimu seems to be a favorite amount Touhou fans, and I like the character designs for all of them.

Moetron for the original story [link]
Wikipedia for the game number info and featured characters [link]
The Touhou Wikia for information on Youmu [link]

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