[Manga Spotlight][Text Ver.] Gate 7

That is pretty much the face I made when I realized Clamp's Gate 7 wasn't just a one shot but now an ongoing series. It's about time I got around to reading the one shot and 2 chapters that are out translated so far. (at the time of posting this, that is all that is out in Japan as well) Also this is apparently Clamp's first new work in 6 years. I thought their previous, yet still ongoing, title Kobato was only a year or so old but alas I was wrong.

Gate 7 One-Shot (or should it be called a prequel?):
After reading a good amount of Clamp's recent work (I've read all of Tsubasa, xxxHolic and 2 volumes of Kobato), I can say this one shot is definitely a Clamp work but it is more on the lighter side than some of their previous and recent work. It's ends on a 'heart beat' note and leaves a lot of questions. None of the characters were really developed, and all I can gather is the main character has some sort of powers or immunity to powers he himself can't explain and no one can yet seem to explain either. This is a Clamp work, so the art and dialogue are well done as par usual.

I'm not really going to delve into the other 2 chapters that are out because this is a manga spotlight, not a random manga entry. I hope just knowing that this is a Clamp title makes you want to read it. I know when I found out about Gate 7 back in fall of 2010 I was excited that I could read a new Clamp series. They haven't disappointed me.

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