K-ON! continuation to be 2 manga Serials

For those of you who really care about the moe-blob franchise known as K-ON! (despite how horrible I've been told the second season of the anime has been) would probably like to know the new manga isn't going to just be one series but TWO. The one that will follow Yui and company on their adventures in college is slated to start serialization May 2011 in Kirara magazine, while a second series to follow Azusa, Ui, and Jun in high school will be published starting in Kiarara Carat's June 2011 issue.

I've never been the biggest fan of K-ON but from what I saw of it (all of the first season) maybe this manga that follows them in college would be worth the read. I have a good friend who thinks it will probably be more like Genshiken than anything, and if he is right I will love the new manga.

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