[Life Post] Happy #19

Guess who became 19 years old today?
It's not really hard to guess it's me you silly geese! ME, Akia the great (a lot of people know me as Alicia as well).

Usually I celebrate my birthday on the weekend before my actual birthday since my excuse was always "HEY MOM & DAD! I have school, so could I possibly get my birthday money on the weekend so I can enjoy my presents for an entire day?" ...but this excuse could no longer really work since that don't have full school days anymore :P My mom put the money on my card on sunday, but I didn't spend any until today because I was waiting to see if I got anymore in the mail from family members. My grandma (mom's side) sent me $20 and my aunt Glenda (mom's side) sent me $20 as well. My great aunt sent a card with a note saying she couldn't send me her usual Target card. That made me cry! My family is so neat like that.

I didn't get a cake from my mom today because we decided that since I was getting cake at my grow group that we'd wait until sunday to celebrate (as in go to lunch or dinner and have cake) both my birthday and hers (which is on the 20th). At grow group, we had some vanilla cake with chocolate frosting. At home, I've been getting a carrot or cheese cake for the pat like 5 years now. I don't think people see carrot cake as birthday worthy :D

A friend from my drawing class got me issue one of a local manga magazine called Gaiga. I'm really excited to finish reading it 'cause there's something about reading a manga that is not published by some big name company. This was bought at a shop called HappiRobot which is a shop that also functions as an otaku hangout. It's a great place to get used manga/manwha if you live (or happen to be driving through) in El Paso. I bought the first 3 volumes of a manwha called Zero The Begining of the Coffin and volumes 3&4 of Rave Master. The owner Heather gave me %10 off for my birthday! I was really happy about that even though the manga I was buying was used. =D

I also bought the first Bran Hambric book at Barnes and Nobles. I originally went to the bookstore to get Catching Fire but remembered I was suppose to buy Bran Hambric first. Haha. My book collection keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger.... and my actual reading of them keeps getting smaller.

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