Life is a Movie >:D

Life is a Movie Quiz
Okay, imagine your life is a movie - what songs would be in it? To find out, here's how it works:
[1] Open your library (iTunes, Media Player, iPod, etc).
[2] Put it on shuffle.
[3] Press play.
[4] For every question, type the song that's playing.
[5] When you go to a new question, press the next button.
[6] Don't lie (it's more interesting).

-Movie Trailer-
"Gimme More" by Britney Spears
Comment: Uhhhh..... certain parts would be cool for a trailer but this would not be my first choice as movie trailer music. I don't even know why it's still in my library.
Favorite Lyrics: (nothing in particular 'cause I don't much care for the song anyways)
-Opening Credits-
"Air for Terrance (DJ Discover Mashup)" version Above & Beyond vs Sunlodger
Comment: Trance is the perfect kind of music for opening credits~!! I'd totally be dancing or drawing epically just because of the music! YES!
Favorite Lyrics: "Air for life." (I can't tell what most of the song is saying.... the beats are really cool though)
-Waking Up- (this makes it sound like a movie like the Matrix)
"Outro" by Breaking Benjamin (the one from the Phobia album)
Comment: It fits so well!! OH MY GAWSH.
Favorite Lyrics: (it's just an instrumental piece)
-First Day of School- (now it sounds like one of those over the top teenager movies.... *sigh*)
"I Caught Myself" by Paramore (have this soung 'cause of the Twilight album)
Comment: Probably too early of a point to have such a song, so blame Windows Media Player. Unless this movie is a sequel THEN it's pretty fitting I guess. Woo hoo!
Favorite Lyrics: "You got it, you got it./ I hate this, I hate this./ I'm saying something that I should have never thought of you."
-First Love- (I get to fall in love!? THANK YOU)
"Drago or the Dragons" by Falling Up
Comment: Hmmm.... *listens to a bit of the song* I love the words.
Favorite Lyrics: "I am just alive, she's just a fake./ Now poison's running through the seams./ The numbers say it, flash up the screen./ And from crescendo cuts the knee"
-First Heartbreak-
"Tourtured Tangled Hearts" by Dixie Chicks
Comment: HA HA. A country song xD And I get to be the one breaking a heart 0.0
Favorite Lyrics: "After 31 days of sleepless nights she woke up to end it all./ She took her name right off his heart."
-Fight Song-
"My World" by 3 Doors Down
Comment: Not very epic! DANG.
Favorite Lyrics: "Seems that everytime that you catch up, you only fall behind./ This is not the life for me 'cause my world is bigger than your problems. And it's bigger than me."
"Tsuki no Shijima" (from the anime Tsubasa Chronicles)
[i cheated and did a second song which ended up being "Aikoi" from the same series. It's more upbeat and I'd be more likely to dance to it that the first one.]
Comment: I guess it's cute enough to be a prom song, but I probably wouldn't be at prom in the first place. LOL
Favorite Lyrics: (they're all Japanese sooooo no attempt. I'd probably spell most of the words wrong)
"When the Light" by Day of Fire
Comment: Interesting choice Windows Media Player!
Favorite Lyrics: "The highway smiles.../ When the light shines on my face, the world becomes so small./ When the light finds me this way, I know I'm not alone."
-Mental Breakdown- (I was trying to avoid one of these!)
"Forgiven" by Skillet
Comment: Hrm..... not exactly a mental breakdown song. Ok, maybe. I've only heard the song once, and that was just now for this. I just added it yesterday.
Favorite Lyrics: "This heart belongs to you alone./ Now I'm in a secret place."
-Driving- (I better not get a ticket)
"Circus" by Britney Spears
Comment: Why would I be watching a dang circus while sitting in the backseat if I'm suppose to be driving!?
Favorite Lyrics: "Better be ready..../ All eyes on me./ When I crack that whip, everyone is gonna trip./ Huh huh huh huh."
-Flashback- (to my kiddo days I bet! I probably lost a parent or something)
"Monster" by Skillet
Comment: OHMIGODNESS! This would be perfect for a Himitsu no Basho movie! OH GOSH. It so would 0_0 (note: Himitsu no Bash is one of the manga/novel series that my character Akia is a part of. The song is fitting because it's about these people who literally have a monster self)
Favorite Lyrics: "I feel it deep within. Underneath the skin./ The dark has just begun./ I, I, I feel like a monster!/ My secret side I keep..../ I keep it caged, but I can't control it./ Why can't someone come and save me from this?"
-Getting Back Together- (what!? did I decide he was really the one? *sigh*)
"Poker Face (Space Cowboy Remix)" originally by Lady Gaga
Comment: Seriously....... I like the original version better.
Favorite Lyrics: (not gonna bother)
-Losing Your Virginity- (FYI, I'd be married before this in real life >:[. shessh)
"Can't Live a Day (DJ Tiesto remix)" originally by Avalon
Comment: Well, it's actually quite fitting despite it being a song about not being able to live without God.
Favorite Lyrics: "I could live life alone and never feel the longing of my heart and the longings of my heart. The healing warmth of someone./ And never know the thrill of what could be./ I could live without many things./ but I couldn't face my life tommorrow without your hope in my heart..../ I know I can't live a day without you./ You're the heartbeat of all I do."
-Wedding- (AWWWW T^T I told myself I would...n't.... CRY AWWW T^T *sniffles*)
"Water" by Breaking Benjamin
Comment: Hmm... it doesn't really fit. It's more of a saving a life song than anything.
Favorite Lyrics: "The waters up to the knee./ All I want is what's best for you./ I won't ever let you drown."
-Birth of Child- (I shall name my child some epic anime name. I REALLY WILL. She'll be Missy Belldandy or something. Ok, not that epic of a name cause that amount of epicness will make all the other childrens uber jealous)
"You Were Mine" by Dixie Chicks
Comment: WHUT!? Did my child die!? >.> Wait... my husband leaves me!? IM SO SAD!
Favorite Lyrics: *Alicia is too busy crying to care*
-Final Battle- (I bet I'm fighting that hubby that let me >:( dang shessh!)
"Forget It" by Breaking Benjamin
Comment: Hrm.... HMMM. Maybe. It fits somewhat. Like a soggy puzzle piece.
Favorite Lyrics: "How can I believe, when this cloud hangs over me. You're the part of me I don't want to see./ Just fade away. Just let me stay..."
-Death Scene- (don't tell me I, or my child, or my ex-hubby or my ferrit dies T^T)
"Can't Sleep" by Above & Beyond
Comment: Oh dang....
Favorite Lyrics: "Singing to a dark through open eyes. While dreaming I see only you and me stuck between desire..../ There's nothing left for us to long for anymore./ I can't sleep. You're so far away from me."
-Funeral Song- (I've narrowed it down to my exhubby and my ferrit.... because Missy Belldandy is too awesome to die after only entering kindergarten)
"Cayagake! Girls" (from the K-ON! anime)
Comment: That's a really upbeat funeral song 0.0
Favorite Lyrics: (It's in Japanese)
-Bloopers- (WHAT!? the movie ends with a funeral T^T well... it was an upbeat funeral for some reason)
"Just Dance (DJ Crunk edit)" originally by Lady Gaga
Comment: The beat is fitting, and I guess the music is too.
Favorite Lyrics: (I don't care)

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