Winter 2009 anime ON IT'S WAY D:< (somewhat of a preview)// Trigun MOVIE IS OFFICIAL *faints* and other Spring 09 Anime already announced

You know what!? When you're a hard core anime fan like I am (but only started DLing like 2-3 years ago) you end up getting WAY backed up with anime (mainly because I'm watching stuff that I've wanted to that aren't part of the current anime season) and while in the middle of a current season of anime you end up getting excited for the next one! WELL DEAR READER, I've already seen some promising commings for the Winter 2009 season and I'm already backed up with the Fall and Spring seasons. AR AR AR. I'm such an anime lover >:D

Hanamaru Kindergarten [link]~ looks really cute. I like cute anime! It looks like Potemayo and I haven't gotten the chance to finish Potemayo!
Shojo Fight (OVA) [link]~ BAH! Sports anime. I don't like sports anime all that much. I'd probably love the Eyeshield 21 anime though. And Prince of Tennis was ok.
Sex Pistols [link]~ *runs away since it's boys love... and then barfs*
Loups-Garous (movie) [link]~ It just plain out looks cool! And it has werewolves :P
Boku, Otaryman (OVA) [link]~ Comedy is usually good....
Kokekko-san [link]~ UH, Chicken? 0__0
Break Blade (6 movies) [link]~ I'm not really a mecha fan, but it says "robot manga" so maybe this will be like cyborgs or something of that nature that I love so much.
Haruhi (movie)~ I haven't finished rewatching the first season in order to watch the second, and I was never really a fan to begin with.
So-Ra-No-Wo-To [link]~ Looks visual novel-y and I'm a fan of that kind of anime.

I'm like a super fan of Trigun! (and I know some other people who are as well). I'm really excited for the movie and now that it's no longer a rumor I am allowed to be as excited as I want to be! And it has an official site HERE'S IT. but it's not coming out 'till like Spring 2009 D:< ARR AR AR AR. I'm a bit upset because of that.

Angel Beats [link]~ WOAH, looks interesting and yuri >.> If it's yuri, I'll have to pass.
Duradura [link]~ I don't know much about it and ANN didn't have info, so I'm not sure when this is suppose to be released.
Black Rock Shooter [link]~ For all VOCALOID fans ;]
King of Thorn (movie) [link]- I haven't read the manga, but this looks really neat!
Fate/Stay Night (movie)~ All I know is that it's a 90min movie. I did enjoy the anime.
Maid-sama [link]~ I'm not sure if it's gonna be a winter or a spring anime D:<>
Deadman Wonderland [link]~ Not exactly sure when this is releasing, but I'm excited! I started reading the manga, and then like I do with manga, got really behind and lazy SO the anime will suffice.

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