[Fall 2008 Anime] Kemeko DX 1

Kemeko Deluxe
[episode 1 review]
Hearts: 2.5/5
-Initial Impression-
My initial impression of this anime was... I can't even describe my initiall impression due to the fact that is anime is so odd. Think Toppen Gurren Lagann but as a... gack, I can't even compare this anime to that! I'm usually the type that adores odd animes, but Kemeko DX just may be a bit too odd. I'm not even sure if I'll watch it to the end, but I'll give it 'till episode 5 or so to get a good impression of where this anime is going.
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-The Music-
The music is pretty generic. It sounds alot like other anime I've seen and I can't seem to narrow the list down. If you're looking for an anime with excellent music, you only get top quality music during the fight scenes. Ok, I have to admit the opning and the ending themes/ visuals are hilarious as well as disturbing -.-
-The Visuals-
You know those comedy animes that are suppose to also be ecchi anime? Then you pretty much know what this anime looks like. The only desirable art is during the fight scenes and even the stylazation then is pretty out dated. Theron over at ann compares Kemeko's art with that of Ninja Nonsense.
-The Story-
If there's something this anime lacks most, it's an original story! I can't emphesize enough how generic this anime is all the way down to it's basis. If you're looking for an original anime, this is far from it. All in all, only watch Kemeko DX if you're prepared for an unoriginal comedy that is pretty ecchi and fanservice filled.
-Other Opinions-

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