[Fall 2008 Anime] Ef: A Tale of Melodies 1

Ef: A Tale of Melodies
[Episode 1 Review]
Hearts: 5/5
I'm biased. I have a soft spot for anime based off of visual novel games even though. I have an even softer spot for ones that are odd, define what their genre should be like (and sometimes what it shouldn't be like) or is dramatically different. Ef is this type of anime. It takes what people think visual novel game based anime should be like and twists the norm. When I think of a typical visual novel game based anime there is usually a spiked haird main character, a best friend who can't get a girlfriend no matter what he does and there is always at least four girls that 'love' you. The first season of Ef gave a nice breath of fresh air by taking the typical only to throw it to the side for the non-typical. The main character only has to deal with two girls that 'love' him yet in the end his choice isn't all that hard because the other girl is the one that realizes she doesn't stand a chance! I'm happy to say season two seems to be on the right track :]
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-The Music-
This time around, instead of having an opening that is full of English and even has an full english version, we get german (in the background). I'm not too sure why the opening is german bassed considering I've only seen the first episode- I can only assume that one of the main characters (or even two of them) are german. The opening still has an english track but i'm not sure if there's also a japanese version like the first seasons opening did. None the less, the opening not only has breathtaking visuals, the music is still excellent. Even the background music makes me euphoric. As with the first season, I'm in love with the music!!
-The Visuals-
This season still has elements the first possesed- words inbetween random parts of the episode, breath taking way of using colored shadows and so much more. I can't describe the visuals very well, so I'll post some pictures ^__^:
-The Story-
Not much is revealed story wise in this episode. All we really learn about is some minor character points and a few major ones. If you've seen the first season, there are a few characters in this season you'd understand a bit more.
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