Desk Diary #2

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My desk was starting to be overrun by books so I decided to add a plastic shelf to it for the figures... I was also having a hard time seeing them when my laptop was open! I love looking at my figures, it's like they're giving me encouragement to get up and do something with my life which lately has been doing a lot of cardio to shed some weight.

Been digging KanCole art lately so set one as my wallpaper.

 Using one of those plastic shelfs for garage storage cuase I'm
not made of money. Have had this shelf for almost 5 years.

From left to right:
Miyuki from Lucky Star with my fav Fruits Basket couple.
Elsie from The World God Only Knows.
Koaru from Evangelion and a Clamp chess piece.
A Lucky Star x Haruhi prize figure.

From Left to Right:
My stack of books containing ones from my 100 Book Challenge and more.
My workout mini-journal.
Still using my Saber Lily mouse pad.
Haven't changed my Mushi-uta lock screen.

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