[AOW] Death Parade (2/1-7/2015)

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I thought about featuring a more February (aka "lovey dovey") anime this week but then I thought I'll just do an AOW special next week where I feature a few lovey dovey anime so I decided to feature the darker side of love this week with an anime about fighting for your life against someone who died at the same time as you... so far the episodes have been about couples or people who should have been a couple so it's very fitting for such a month. This is mainly featuring the currently airing version of the show, but there is a 1 episode OVA that came out a few years ago.

 I really enjoy this show a lot. It's well animated (as expected from MADhouse), the soundtrack fits perfectly and the one shot style of telling each story is a great way to make me want to watch each episode. There also seems to be some overall story being developed as well, but this one shot style really works. I like anime where I can get the full story in an episode.

Type: Original
Genre(s): Game, Psychological
# of Episode(s): 12 + 1 OVA
After death, humans go to either heaven or hell. But for some, at the instant of their death, they arrive at Quindecim, a bar attended by the mysterious white-haired Decim. He challenges them to the Death Game, wherein they wager their lives and reveal their true natures. Decim himself is the ultimate arbitrator of who wins and who loses, who will go to heaven, and who will go to hell.
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