[AOW] Genshiken Nidaime (9/15-21/2013)

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Basically this continues off from where Genshiken ended (the manga version... I know the anime adaptation of the original series varied from the manga). So far the series has been a carbon copy of the manga, but as my friend Elijah says it feels weird animated... but I like it. That's probably because I am a suedo-fujoshi (rotten girl) even though I don't like yaoi... I like stuff such as 07-Ghost and Free!. Anyways, I am also reading the manga as it is released in English rather than fan translations online so the anime is ahead of the manga for me. I really like seeing this characters animated... ESPECIALLY Madarame and Hato. I'm not for a pairing or anything, I just think they have that weird bromance going on and will help each other out.

Type: Manga Adaptation
Another college semester begins and the returning members of Genshiken attempt to recruit new club members. Three new members join the club, attracted by Ogiue's BL drawings. She welcomes the new members but fears the club will become a "rotten girls" haven for yaoi fans and is getting a bit too far removed from it's original purpose.

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