[AOW] Malice@Doll (6/23-29/2013)

This has got to be the most mature "anime" I've decided to have as AOW... it's all about sex robots turning human and then experiencing almost too much pleasure yet this anime is only rated 17+. Really oddly animated, the pacing is a bit weird and the only real saving grace for it is that this one is directed by the same person as Serial Experiments Lain. Below is the video that got me to watch this lovely film.

Type: OVA
Genre(s): Horror, Sci Fi, Supernatural
Malice, a sex robot living in an abandoned human city, is assaulted and violated by an mysterious creature. Upon awakening, Malice finds out that she has become human and can pass on her humanity to her fellow machines. However, her gift soon becomes a curse when her fellow robots rage out of control after being exposed to the pleasures of life.

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