[PS3] Gundam Breaker

I know what you're thinking- "Why does RX-78 have Sinanju's legs?" Well Gundam enthusiast, the answer is simple. You are looking at some concept art for a new Gundam game in the works called Gundam Breaker. Instead of just recycling the age old method of making Gundam games that just feature a bunch from different universes and series, Gundam Breaker will allow you to take pieces from different Gunpla and meld them together to make a new mobile suit. How cool is that!?

Accodring to Japanator "Instead of actually controlling mobile suits, players will select from different model kits, mixing and matching parts to create a chimera of Gundams. Even cooler? Gundam Breaker allows for a huge degree of customization, from the amount of gloss you want, damage, air brush, and even decals. If you've ever enjoyed building mobile suit models, this is going to be one hell of a good time."

It's been a really long time since I've been this excited to play a Gundam game. You can bet your booties that I'll do my utmost best to get this one and review it on a future r//w[g] entry... for now I just have to wait for a demo.

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