New Vault Hunter coming to Borderlands 2

Been a while since I've found some solid news on Borderlands 2. While there has not been a confirmed level cap increase despite predictions one would arrive in March, there has been some even more interesting news circulating the net...

During a SXSW panel, Gearbox revealed 
a new vault hunter would be joining the mix:


I personally wish a level cap increase would be implemented. I have one character who has hit level 50 and one who is almost there, but most of my friends have at least 3 characters who have been at level 50 for a while. I also want some news on the next DLC but haven't seen anything for that either. Oh well.


I honestly hope this new character isn't another "girlfriend mode" one made to make the gaming experience easier for those who have not really played Borderlands or FPS games in general before. Only 1 of those kind of characters is needed!

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