[Daily Manga Typing][#2] (2/21/2010)

Added some more manga to my collection:
Black Bird 1-3
We Were There 4

Today (well, yesterday) at work I read the first two volumes of Black Bird... and it was pretty ok-ish. The manga itself is nothing out of the ordinary or special, and it is borderline josei/smut (which I've been addicted to lately >.>). In fact the manga is a lot like Love Monster... ok, I kind of lied but the themes are pretty much the same and the whole childhood friend thing and getting married is like the same! I can see myself buying Black Bird 'till the end because it's one of those shojos that won't let you stop reading until you finish it.

Today (the 21st) I started a manga called Are You Alice? which is based on both the Alice in Wonderland universe and a Japanese cd drama. So far I've read the first 3 chapters.

I'm also going back to reading a manga called Otaku no Musume-san which is about this otaku that finds out he has a daughter! Well, he ends up having to hide his otaku nature but ends up failing miserably. Currently on chapter 20

and I've found this manga called Say Hello to Black Jack that I really want to start reading. I also want to get back to reading Luck Stealer and Bakuman

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