[Manga Spotlight][Text ver][4] Kodocha (org Tokyopop release)

Thanks to a local El Paso area shop called Happi Robot, I was able to purchase all 10 volumes of this manga for under $70! Be sure to check out the Robot's FB page and if you live in El Paso visit the shop as well. I'm pretty sure all 10 volumes are original prints, which I prefer my manga to be especially the older ones ^_^ Happi Robot has a ton of older Tokyopop titles that are now out of print and/or hard to get!

Length: 10 vol
Anime: Yes. 102 eps. from 1996-1998
Sana Kurata has a charmed life. Not only is her mother is a famous, award-winning writer, but she's the star of the hit TV comedy "Child's Toy" while still in the fifth grade. But Sana's biggest concern is Akito Hayama, a pint-sized hellion who's organized the boys in their grade-school class into a mass of unending noise and violence. With the help of Rei, her manager, chauffeur and "pimp," Sana is determined to win back control of the classroom from her new arch-enemy. But as her crusade continues, Sana moves further into Akito's life, and finds that he might not be entirely bad...or entirely safe.

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