[Anime of the Week][OVA ed] Koe de Oshigoto! The Animation (11/21-27/2010)

Fair warning, this is an anime about a high school student learning the ropes of being a VA for eroge games.... so ya. Not really safe for work. And as my boyfriend Ty would say "it's a finger!" lol jk! You'll see when you watch...

# of Eps: 4
Rating: Mature (well... eroge voice acting. 'nuff said!)
It is a story about Aoyagi Kanna, a 16 year-old girl who was asked to become an eroge seiyū on her 16th birthday by her 28 year-old sister at her eroge company. She disagreed at first, but after she thought about all the things her sister did for her she finally agreed. But being a high school student and knowing nothing about eroge can she do the job properly.

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