[weeaboobies] Just had to...(3/27/2009vers)

So, I've been listening to this Japan-fan podcast called weeaboobies (the Yotsuba&! button is a link to the site)... and I saw some list on their site about having to be 4 of this list to be a weeaboob:

if you have more than four japanese/anime posters on your wall [check]
if you have an internet alias that ends with chan, kun, san, sama, senpai or sensei [check]
if you say “tadaima” when you arrive home [check- i do. just not all the time because my parents and sister (one of the two) gives me a look]
if you answer your phone by saying “moshi moshi” [check- isnt it spelled "mushi mushi"?] if you wear a kimono at any time. even as a joke.
if you have a shirt that says otaku. or anime fan.
if you own this button
or if your clothing has anime characters at all on them, or anime references [check- I even made a Kon/ chibi Uryu and chibi Renji shirt]
if you refer to your siblings as “nee-san/chan” or “nii-san/chan”
or your mom & dad as “oka-san” or “otou-san”
or your cat as “kawaii neko-chan”
or your friend as “kawaii neko-chan”
if you own a pair of cat ears of any kind [check]
if you use any japanese word in conversation (i.e. kawaii, baka, chinchin, hai, etc.) [check]
if you freak out at the sight of pocky [check]
if you suddenly craved a pocky stick since you saw it typed out [check]
if you actually HAVE a box of pocky at your side
if the only word you can read in japanese is “ai” because of gaara’s dumb symbol
if 90% of your music is japanese (even more weeaboo if it’s just anime music)
if you host an anime podcast [I will... VERY SOON. *cough*istudios link*cough]
if any of the following pictures make your panties wet (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11)
if you just saved any of those pictures
extra points - if you already have any of those pictures
if you say “believe it” more than once a week
if you eat your food with chopsticks ever (even ramen especially ramen)
if you’ve tried to learn japanese [check... plan to go back to it]
if you’ve spoken japanese frequently
if you’ve corrected someone’s pronunciation of a japanese word [check >.<]
if you’re getting mad that i haven’t capitalized “japan” or “japanese” at all
if you’ve been to an anime convention
if you own any naruto merchandise whatsoever [check- shirts]
or inuyasha, or bleach, or death note [check- bleach]
if you’ve made an AMV [check- more than one]
if you own a katana or a shinjuku (that’s japanese for shuriken, lolol) [check-maybe: does a homemade one count?]
if you type with any of the following faces: ^^ ^_^ *w* :3 T-T @o@ n_n UwU =^w^= [check]
if you’ve danced the caramelldansen in public before
if you haven’t yet, but are waiting for the perfect moment to dance it in public [check- at AWA15]
if you own a gaia account [check- 3]
if you think you’re lolita
if you cosplay at all. poorly or well. [check]
if 90% of your clothing was bought from hot topic
if you’ve taken 5+ pictures with you making a peace sign
if your myspace has even ONE japanese word on it [check- i think]
if you’ve ever fangirled over an anime character [check- gara and uryu]
if the only thing you read is manga and fanfiction
if you can think of something else to add to this list [check- you have no idea]

As you can see.... I over qualify in my opinion. Pretty soon (come september 2009) I can check off much more of these including the con one.

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