James Patterson seems to make novels worth manga adaptations lately :P [and other anime/manga news]

Yen+ December Issue: Tonight when I got home from a convention meeting, I saw my glorious December Yen+ issue sitting in the mailbox. Usually the first thing I do after taking the plastic wrapping off the magazine is to flip through the contents to see if any good extras are in it... and I saw this. I haven't read any of the Daniel X novels because I do not like Mr. Patterson's writing style, but I do love the Maximum Ride manga adaptation of his MR novels soooo I'm pretty excited to see how well the Daniel X one will be drawn. This time the adaptation is being drawn by a different korean :) As excited as I am for this new Patterson adaptation, I'm also sad that this issue did not include a new Maximum Ride chapter due to "NaRae's health." I know that if I were to get sick, drawing a new chapter of a manga would not be my main priority. This issue did include new chapters for Nightschool, One Fine Day, Time and Again, Jack Frost, Hero Tale, Black Butler, Nabari no Ou and of course (what is probably most Yen+ readers favorite) Soul Eater (but my favorite is Nightschool). This issue also includes the usual fan art page, Shrimp art and other features, but as far as new stuff is concenrned this issue includes an entry form to win When the Chickadees Cry prizes, the second part of the two issue preview of Raiders, a preview of 13th Boy and a preview of the Spice & Wolf light novel along with the original manga version of the first volumes cover.

Marvel Anime Adaptation News [source]:
WooHoo! There are official release dates for the Iron Man and Wolverine anime adaptations. Iron Man is set to play during the Spring (April-June) 2010 season while Wolverine is set to play during the Summer (July-September) 2010 season. Both are set for 12 episode runs, and to play in the US in 2011.

Media Blaster's Grabs the Rights to Queen's Blade (both seasons) and Ikkitousen Great Guardians [source]: I'm really disappointed in this (reguarding Queen's Blade) because it shows that, in a sense, the thought of people who watch anime are pervs and want anime porn is seen as true. Queen's Blade is hentai disguised as a late night anime. There's tentical rape, "acid" boobs and almost full body nudity in a lot of the episodes >.> If it's your cup-joe, I am disgusted. The only reason I know of all this material it has is that watched a few episodes (I gave it the 5 episode test) and just could not stand it! D:<

Susan Boyle, singing an anie song!? [source]:
She's the one signing the theme song for Himitsu Kessha Taka no Tsume The Movie 3 ~http://takanotsume.jp wa Eien ni~. Uh, wow.

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