[Fall 2009 Anime] Initial Impressions [Part 4]

It's also known as Trapeze. [here's somewhat of a trailer/ preview]
Impressions: I just could not muster the strength to get through the first episode. Usually I'm the one watching weird anime, but this one was a little too weird even for a fan such as I. This anime just looks too real, and the 'sex appeal' it offers just isn't that sexy 'cause of how weird-ed out I get from the weird animation:
Gonna Continue Watching: No. and probably never will

Impressions: The anime being diolauged in Korean through me off, but overall the story was pretty good and sad. I've only seen episode 0 since I accidentally got a raw of the first episode. lol
Gonna Continue Watching: when I get a subbed ep1

Impressions: The episode was hilarious, and very almost yuri filled. There's a crossdressing male >.>
Gonna Continue Watching: when I feel like it

The next entry [part 5] should be the final one. I wasn't planing on my Initial Impressions set of blogs for the Fall '09 season to take so long but things kept coming up IRL and I was unable to watch the anime I wanted at the pace I could during the summer.

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