[Life Post] An Akia Update [#15]- The Epic (fail of a) Job HUNT >.<

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No one has called me back from ANY of my job applications >:O
I do not see why I'm the one not getting called back but 99% of my friends have gone further than just getting called back; they got (and still have) jobs! GRAHHH! *hyperventalates for a minute* Huff, huff. *eyebrows go into angry position and a vein begins to throb* ....*blinks*
Now that that is out of my system, let me explain. I've applied for *counts* 9 different jobs to date and each one of them I've put references (very reliable ones that are legit) and on my most recent one I put that I am currently employeed (because it is TRUE; I'm employeed by a company called I-studios but I basically do that work in my free time and I'm not currently getting paid for the work I do for that particular company). *sigh* I've even checked up on these jobs like I'm suppose to (er... omit the most recent one because I was sick yesterday thusly making me unable to go check up on that one).
I'm going to be checking up on Schlokyz and Waterburger tommorrow >.<

This is AMAZING 0___0

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