25 Facts [feb. 2009 version]

Just for fun. No fancy formatting! T.T
I should be finishing my english paper (just retyping, but stilllll) or watching Sailor Moon Stars.

1. I'm an anime/manga nerd. If I don't watch/read something, I most likely know about it. The epic type of nerd; the type that does not watch/read everything (especially the crap. duh)
2. I draw manga. I draw abstract. I use Microsoft Paint and GIMP to edit my pictures (Photoshop is on a different computer that currently has no screen but Shane Angel Fire from DCA said he would send me Photoshop and Manga Studio in the near future!) Visit my Deviantart you punk!
3. I is a girl. Oh. Bet you already knew that!
4. Domo(nick/ wordsfromandotaku guy) from I-studios is mai friend =) *pokes Domo on Facebook* I took this 25 Facts thing from his blog.
5. I really like anime based on those visual novels that might (usually) have sexual content. Air TV, Kanon, Ef, H20: Footprints in the Sand, Rumbling Hearts, Clannad, Chaos;HEAD! It's hopeless....
6. True Rememberence is a freeware visual novel that I play, but have not beaten. Narcissus is one I have beaten. Someone finish translating Narcissus 2nd Side!! I've played/ have others, but I don't want to tell you what they are! Go find them yourself, lazy.
7. I are a HUGE-huge fan of YA Novels such as the Uglies series, the Pendragon series, Skinned (Crashed comes out in September 2009), Midnighters and the Tithe series'. There's also Twilight, but that's low on my favorites due to the unitellegence it has. TEAM JACOB!
8. Um... I'm currently a 12th grade in her second semester.
9. I can watch/ listen to this Sailor Moon AMV for hours on end.
10. I love D.N.Angel and am probably going to buy volume 12 tommorrow.
11. twitter.com/akiachan
12. youtube.com/user/arishosan (I make video logs)
13. Skype-> snuggumsuggums
14. =D
15. >.< 16. 0__0
17. I'm a Cubbie leader who was a Spark leader for one year.
18. I reallllyyyyy want to go to Anime Weekend in Atlanta #15, so much so that I'm counting down the days in a neat way on my Twitter, Skype and somehwat my Facebook.
19. I have both Facebook and Myspace... but I don't really use them like I should.
20. 2+2= fish
21. Jesus is my savior. Believe it! (I'm a fan of the Naruto manga as it is released in Shonen Jump in America/Canada)
22. I make video logs.
23. I'm the female Here's Ogenki desu-ka? host -> link
24. Here's what I do for I-studios:
-Run the Twitter-> itadakimasus
-Run the blog
-host Here's Ogenki desu-ka?
-Edit JA NE (and blog posts/ anything that needs editting like the website)
-Make awsome art
-Whatever else I can (I do a lot)
25. Here's what I do for DCA:
-Run the blog
-(going to) Run the Twitter-> dcacomicstv
-Make artssss

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