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I don't feel very good. uguu. I took a sick day from school (this hardly ever happens. No matter how sick I get, as long as I can still use a pencil and walk, school is a place where if I miss one day, it can be very hard to catch up since I have 2 college classes and a science class that is like one) only to sleep most of the day, drink Sprite, and eat crackers. I watched a movie called City of Ember while I tried to read some of the Febuary 2009 issue of Yen+. As I type this, the time where I live is in the 9pm hour; I have a 10pm bed time. I wanted to type An Akia Update since it has been a small while since the last one and I made a new v-log that you should watch.
Yesterday I attended another I-studios meeting (I'm excited for where I-studios is going because I-studios is an excellent company to be employeed by even if I'm not currently getting paid) where we ended up deciding to start a series of reviews called Know Your Roots (the name is in development). Since Sailor Moon is no longer licenced, several people from I-studios (even some who normally do not review anime) are going to be part of a super review team that will review the anime by season: Akia, Baroness, Driger and Ren. I downloaded episodes 1-10, the R (promise of the rose) movie and a special episode today but my sister made the computer shut down, thusly making me unable to transfer the episodes to my external hard drive.
I'm not only on this review team, I'm also on the one that is reviewing Kurozuka either tommorrow or next monday. The team consists of Akia, Blazefreak, Domo and Driger. I have much, yet not that much, to say about this anime. You'll have to wait untill the video review is out.
I'm also watching several anime. You can check the side bar for more on that.

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