[Mini] Ajin Season 1

Ajin is a weird animal. It gets boring, confusing and then sucks you in enough you watch 6 episodes then before you know it you're thankful season 2 is currently on Netflix. Well at least that's what it did for me. The story is a pretty simple one that has been done over and over- there are humans and there are those who look like human but are actually more powerful as well as immortal. Basically this how is about how the non-human are oppressed so a group of them wants the humans to just leave them alone or one powerful Ajin ia going to take over Japan. Despite being such a straight forward premise I did enjoy the first season. Only downside is this series in animated the same way as Knights of Sidonia, so it takes some time to get used to. Despite this style of animation the story translates well on screen and even has a pretty fabtastic soundtrack to go with the action. Reccomended

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