[AOW] Prison School


I really wanted to be disgusted and turned off by this anime just based on the trailers and media hype around it... but after watching the first 4 episodes I was hooked. Luckily for me the manga is getting an English release thanks to the folks over at Yen Press. I might have to order it online because despite volume 1 having released in July, $20 is a hefty sum for some manga. I'm actually really loving this anime. Maybe because I've been on a mature trip lately with what I've been reading and I'm not really into the teenagery romance anime lately, nor the overly ecchi that seems to be so saturated in the market these days (probably why I haven't watched any of Monster Girls yet). Anyways, if you also seem to be turned off from this anime without having watched any of it, I encourage you to give it a chance. (note: there is an uncensored version coming out but I've been watching the censored version as episodes come out. There are also some English language releases)

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Type: Manga Adaptation
Genre(s): Comedy, Romance, School, Seinen, Ecchi
# of Episode(s): 12
On the outskirts of Tokyo stands Hachimitsu Private Academy, a storied all-girls boarding school for elite young women full of potential and good breeding. But as the new school year rolls around, one tradition is going out the window: For the first time in the school's long history, boys are being allowed to enroll. But on the first day of school, only five boys make the cut. Kiyoshi Fujino, one of the lucky few, is thrilled by this discovery, his heart leaping with joy at the thought of being surrounded by all those girls, day in and day out. But little does he know of the shocking fate that awaits him.

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