[AOW] Vanguard (11/10-16/2013)

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SOOOOOOOO I go to this like game night every Friday at a local Whataburger. We mainly play card games such as YuGiOh and Magic the Gathering, with the occasional Heroclix session thrown in but lately we've also been playing some Vanguard; pretty straightforward game in comparison to the others yet it is also proving to be the most fun. Don't get me wrong, I like the others as well but the learning curve is much higher for them. BUUUT as one of the players say "it's easy to learn to play Vanguard, but it's difficult to be good." ((pssssst the show is free on YouTube in English. You're welcome!))

Type: Manga Adpatation/ TCG
# of Episodes: 130+
 Aichi Sendou is a timid young boy in his third year of junior high school. He has been living his life looking backward rather than forward, trying not to stand out. The one thing that keeps him going is his trading card Blaster Blade from Cardfight!! Vanguard, a trading card game that takes place on a different planet called "Cray" and is popular throughout the world. When Aichi's Blaster Blade is stolen by his classmate Katsumi Morikawa, he chases him to a local card shop named Card Capital. There, Aichi has his first cardfight with Toshiki Kai, an aloof and cold-hearted high schooler who has outstanding abilities and who originally gave Aichi his Blaster Blade when Aichi was little. Aichi wins the fight, reclaiming Blaster Blade, and begins to enjoy a fulfilling life as he delves deeper into Vanguard. Among his new friends are Misaki Tokura, the niece of the shop owner, and Kamui Katsuragi, a young but highly skilled boy. Aichi's primary goal throughout the series is to become a stronger fighter, so he can once again battle Kai and have him recognize his worth.

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