[AOW] World God Only Knows II (11/4-10/2012) [#68]

For the past week or so I haven't really watched any anime; mainly because I was busy packing up for my move that was made this past Saturday. Today I'm finishing up unpacking/ setting up my new room! You can see plenty of pictures on my Facebook fan page. I particularly love my new Hetalia America flag, and thanks to having this new place I have somewhere to hang it. The place I was living before (in a spare room at a friends house) didn't have much room for anything and I really wanted to hang this flag over a window, which I was able to do. *cough* Anyways, enough about my move (I have plenty of space to talk about that on the fan page).

Since I haven't really watched anything or read anything (other than a few pages of the Oreimo manga) I decided this week to feature an anime that has always stuck out to me (it's one of my favorites as listed on my MAL page). I have featured TWGOK before (but that was season one, since there has been a second season added).

Full Title: The World God Only Knows II (Season 2)
Image © Manglobe

The World God Only Knows is one of my favorite anime for several reasons but mainly because of the main voice actor Hiro Shimono who does some of the funniest voice work I have heard in anime. Well, while looking up who'd be doing the English voice of Keima, I was pleasantly surprised it's Chris Patton who'll be a guest at an anime convention I'm helping put together for it's 3rd year in 2013 (but more about that convention later). Overall TWGOK is a great ride in hilarity about a gaming otaku. And there aren't very many good anime out there about otaku, let alone ones that can make it to a second season and have some spin offs and prequels.

Type: Light novel adaptation
Genre(s): Comedy; Romance; Harem; Shounen; Super natural
# of Episodes: 12
With some familiar faces and new ones joining this seasons cast of characters Keima and Elsie continue the hunt for lose souls all while Keima deals with the trouble of having to romance real life girls when he'd rather being God of Games like he always has been. Who has time for the real world when virtual ones are so much better?

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