Limit vol.1

LIMIT vol.1
Creator: Keiko Suenobu
Publisher: Vertical
Release Date: Oct. 2012
Price: US $10.95 / $11.95 CAN
Length: 192pgs

The premise behind Limit isn't all that exciting or unique- a group of second year high school students are on their way for a trip known as "Exchange Camp" when the bus driver happens to lose consciousness, thus causing the bus to crash into the middle of some forest looking area. Most of the students (which oddly this manga seems to be missing any interaction with male students, despite them being there) end up dead. The few that do remain (at least that were found in the first volume of this manga) meet up and end up forming some weird patriarchal system because of one student in particular who was seemingly indirectly bullied throughout that year of school.

You would think a manga about a bus crashing could end up being more exciting. Maybe it's the shoujo format and the theme of bullying that is suppose to be explored here... but this manga seems to be falling flat on it's face. I wasn't thrilled by any of the characters- especially the main "villian" Arisa who was seemingly forced into the villain position by the manga artist just because this manga is suppose to explore the topic of "high school bullying". Most painful of all in this manga was the inclusion of a scyth... since when did high school students ever use scyths when on a school trip!?

I can't in good consciousness recommend this manga. It's plain, borring and painful to read. There isn't anything new here and the characters are just so bland. I do feel like I wasted $11 purchasing this... maybe volume two will be better.

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