[AOW] Claymore (10/14-20/2012) [#65]

image copyright goes out to Madhouse

I'm only featuring Claymore because I plan to try and make an Alicia cosplay for a convention in 2013. Instead of having to read the manga which is still going I thought why not just try and watch the anime which is much shorter and a good way to introduce myself more into the series. And my friend is a huge fan of this series so I'd like to know why.

Type: manga adaptation
Genre(s): Dark fantasy, action, drama
# of Episodes: 26
The series is set on a fictional medieveil island where humans are plagued by Yoma; humanoid shape-shifters that feed on humans. A Mysterious group, known as The Organization, creates human-Yoma hybrids to kill Yoma for a fee. These female warriors wear Roman army-like uniforms. The public refer to them as "Claymores" alluding to their Claymore swords, or "silver-eyes witchers" due to their silver eyes.

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