"6 Manga You Must Not Read" [commentary]

I did some research on the manga found in this Sankaku Complex article. It was hard finding most of these on the manga reader sites I use most...

The cover of this first one is very interesting. The whole swim suit mixed with a wedding dress is apparently every otaku's dream to have a girl wear for them. You'll have a hard time finding this one in English because according to Baka-manga it was never translated.

I know someone who is a big fan of Aki Sora, and I personally have started reading this one here. Normally I don't read manga with incest (I dropped Onii-chan after only a few chapters), but this one comes highly recommended so I decided to give it a chance.

This one actually peaked my interest the most, but yet again Baka-manga has it as not translated. =(

The other manga listed I have no interest in at all 'cause they apparently were made just to please the perverted otaku out there who have no life outside of their room.

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