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Some of you out there in the virtual cyber world may be asking "but Akia, what is a Gundam?" I say to you how can you be an otaku and not know what a Gundam is. *sigh* I'll tell you briefly anyways. For someone who isn't an otaku, Gundam are similar to Transformers. Gundam are giant robots basically. Some god American examples would be shows like Megas XLR and IGPX. Here's a video of the type of Gundam (model kits to be exact) that this blog series is for (not just this one, but almost all Gundam kits out there that are snap together).

This entry is dedicated to the kind of supplies you need to build a Gundam (excluding any sort of painting, that'll be in a different entry). I'll go over which ones you will need and ones that are optional (just depends on the kind of method you use) A * indicates one you will need unless otherwise mentioned:

#1 *Clippers aka Nippers-
you dont really need them for sd and no grade kits but for all the other ones it's best to have a pair because ive learned from trying that twisting pieces off the runners can cause then to break

#2 *Exacto Knife (or hobby blade)-
used for cutting off excess pegs

#3 cutting board-
some people don't need one of these cause they can cut off the pegs in their hands but I like using one to be safe, to help prevent getting cut. make sure it's a crafting cutting board and not one for food

4 Black Gundam marker-
not exactly needed, but Gundam markers are made specifically in size for accurate panel lining. you can also buy them in other colors for coloring

5 Q-tips-
I learned Q-tips are good for wiping of excess marker, you can also use an eraser or your fingers

5 Tweezers-
I recently learned tweezers are really good for taking decals off their sheets and placing on a Gundam

6 Tooth-picks-
good for getting decals to lay flat

Next time I'll be going over some more advanced tools such as metal files and paints. I'll have pictures for those since some of them aren't found in a household. Stay tuned to reader//watcher[girl] and AugReal.

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