[Anime of the Week] FLCL (2/13-19/2011)

FLCL is an anime everyone loves to hate and hates to love. It's not a show you can really ever fully understand, and the manga even less so but to those who can watch all 11 episodes you will be rewarded with confidence in yourself. Maybe.

Runtime: 24min/ep
# of Eps: 6
Type: originally a OVA, but has a manga adaptation that came out around the same time fram as the OVA was being released
Rating: Teen

FLCL revolves around Naota. His life is interrupted by the arrival of Haruko Haruhara, who bursts on the scene by running Naota over with her Vespa scooter, then giving him CPR and hitting him on the head with a blue vintage Rickenbacker 4001 left-handed electric bass guitar.[2][3] Later, Naota is shocked to find Haruko working in his house as a live-in maid.Since then, Giant Robots from Medical Mechanica have been coming out of Naota's head and cause more problems for Naota and Haruko. Haruko is using Naota for her search for the Pirate King, Atomsk, which puts her at odds with Medical Mechanica, the monolithic industrial corporation. At the same time, Naota is being watched by Commander Amarao, who believes that Medical Mechanica is out to conquer the galaxy. The combination of circumstances gets Naota involved in a three-way battle between Haruko, Amarao and Medical Mechanica. The underlying theme is Naota's coming of age as he becomes more mature and learns to express his feelings.

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