[Drama of the Week] Keitai Sousakan 7 (7/4-10/2010)

I started watching this series today and decided to start a Drama of the Week series like I did for anime. I'm prob going to do a Manga of the Week as well.

Runtime: 1hr/ ep
# of Ep: 45
Rating: Teen
Keita Amishima is a high school freshman who gets involved in Under ANCHOR, an organization formed to bring cyber criminals to justice using advanced technology. Taking the place of a previous Under ANCHOR agent, Keita is paired up with Phone Braver 7, a cellphone robot. Together, the two track down the high-tech criminals as well as their benefactor, the renegade Phone Braver 01. But in the process, the two learn of a conspiracy within ANCHOR itself tied to its mysterious ex-agent Magira.

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