[Akia's Collection] (Q-Joy) Tsuruya-san + some guests

The newest addition to my collection of anime goods (you know figures, Gundam models, etc etc). She is the ditsy Tsuruya-san from the Haruhi universe. I bought her at Nice Cube, a local El Paso otaku shop. She was a pain to put together, and a few of the joints I had to add putty to hold >.> If you do not live in El Paso and would like your own (there's no guarantee that you'll get Tsuruya though since she's a boxed trading figure) you can get a set of 8 here for $21.96 because there is currently a sale going down.

Tsuruya is joined by Android 18 from Dragon Ball Z (the blond in the back) and The Major from Ghost in the shell. That poster in the back is Lelouch from Code Geass. I purchased all of these at Nice Cube! The Major was purchased during my first trip to Nice Cube, of which at the time I did not live a few minuets from the shop.

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