[Life Post] An Akia Update [#22] 0__0 WHAT!? This isn't strictly an anime blog D:<

Yeah... I know my "blog" has been pretty much strictly anime and manga lately... well, at least since like July something when I posted the 21st Akia Update. lulz. It's not like anyone reads these anyways T^T *cries in a dark corner of darkness and despair.... but more darkness where Akia realize God 'reads' these even before Akia types them up*

This picture you see right there above this line is an android maid thing! See the full picture here. Oh, and pretty please (if you have a deviantART account) devWatch me! I'm trying to get good quality art out and to build a fan base. Thank you.

I just got back from helping wrap presents at a Big K-mart for free as a way to serve the world. It was just the church campus I'm helping out withs way to show Jesus' love during this Christ-mas season. I did mess up on one of the like 10 presents I wrapped, but the lady left instead of letting me fix my mistake which would have been very easy to fix. I felt like I missed the opportunity to show Jesus to her in that situation :(

Hmm... I had my last final for the semester last thursday. I haven't checked my score, so I'll do that now *opens new tab in Firefox to check her score*. 0__0 I can't see my grades because I owe EPCC $20.... well, I currently have no job to earn money to pay that $20. And I wasn't told I owe $20 because my mom payed off my emergency loan and I was only told I had a $10 users fee of some sort to pay. Looks like I won't know my grades until mid-way or the end of January 2010. Not that it really matters since I'm taking a year off of school to get on my feet as a working person living on her own. I'm pretty nervous about that. It's a step towards being an adult, that's for sure.

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