[Fall 2009 Anime] Initial Impressions [part 1]

Fighting Librarians: The Book of Bantorra
Impressions: The first episode doesn't reveal much other than that humans are dived into different groups. Some are called Meats, and these aren't considered human. Others (the ones in the picture) are called Armed Librarians. Their job is to protect the books (when you die, your soul solidifies into a stone book) that represent the life story of people. There was a pretty cool action sequence, and some comedy thrown in as well. The opening music is by Ali Project, so that alone is WIN.
Gonna Continue Watching: YES O' COURSE

Impressions: For once a CLAMP anime does not look like every other one before it. Kobato takes the magical girl concept (kind of....) and makes it new. I loved the entire episode. I laughed, I cried and I even cringed! The best part was the song she sang (6min into the second part of the episode). It didn't look like some random lip flap like most characters who sing in anime get. :3
Gonna Continue Watching: HAI!

Miracle Train
Impressions: A train full of kawaii boys who want to help troubled ladies!? WEll.... I'm a sucker for the cute faces but the animation was just ok. And the anime is based on the train lines in Japan.... what was I suppose to expect?
Gonna Continue Watching: Maybe

Impressions: To begin a season with a hotsprings episode was really a turn off, but I loved the first season so I decided to finish the episode. It ended with the cute couple running off to some anime event... but how could they possible not get found out!? There was a random geisher created of course xD
Gonna Continue Watching: DUH. It's otaku anime

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