[convention] EPAC 2009

This years El Paso Anime Convention was held on
July 11th (saturday) and 12th (sunday) in UTEP's Student Union building.
The Sailor Moon button was made by psyconrikan and the other button was made by kenesukun.
The costum badge was made by winddancer9.
July 11th, 2009 [saturday]
I cosplayed as Orihime.
My day started out with staring at the long registration line that had formed because someone I had meet up with had to go wait in that line to register. I, on the other hand, was stuck staring because I had pre-registered and picked up my badge on the 10th (best descision to make because it saved me a lot of time). After about an hour or so of watching the line move very slowly, I went to check out the artist alley. I ended up buying this Vash print by kenesukun (which I got signed the next day). I also ended up buying a really pretty print (it's a different version of this one) from scotty6000 as well as a short manga called Bueatiful Blood which the artist has recently said on her DA blog that she will make "a branch off story that will be longer and go in depth of the story. [link]" With the purchase of the manga, I was also given a free bookmark and this print. I also donated some money (gave me a free print in return for my donation) to one of the members of Steam Machines and had him ctritique my art. He was pretty cool and gave me some neat advice and even said I had some good stuff (which I did not expect him to say).
After my friend finally got his con badge, I went with him to check out Steel Batallion which is a game where you get to controll a mecha. I ended up not playing the game, but my friend got killed in action. Haha. While he was playing (it takes a while to finish a mission in that game) I went to enter the hall cosplay contest and see when panels would start. The first panel I went to was the qualifications for anime trivia. It was a 50 question test of which I only missed 15, putting me in second place next to a girl who only missed 11. After that, I meet back up with my friend and his friend who's parents brought a type of california roll for us to eat. It was reeealllyyyy good! I believe after that I ended up losing contact with them because I went to an origiami panel while I waited for round one of anime trivia to start. I believe I also went to Santiago's manga panel before trivia started. I got 0 points by the time trivia was over during the first round. Haha. There wasn't anymore trivia untill the next day, but the people puting on the panel had said that 4th-6th place would be playing the next day. After anime trivia, I spent the rest of my day wondering around in the artist alley with a friend. She was dressed up as a geisha (she was the one telling fourtunes with the 7 sins. I ended up getting greed) so we decided it wasn't a good idea to go to the dance. I laughed so much during the 3 or so hours I spent in the arist alley just talking about how much I do not like yaoi/yuri and watched my friend make my custom badge while talking to one of the Steam Machine artists who she says is her inspiraton for a certain style of art. I didn't head back home untill the con staff kicked everyone out of the artist alley and Union building. All in all, day one was a blast!!
July 12th, 2009 [sunday]
I decided not to cosplay the second day.
I spent a lot of my day in how to draw manga panels and anime bingo/trivia (which I won at both). The second day was more relaxed and I didn't feel the need to do anything. I ended up buying more manga from scoty6000 and got two prints and two bookmarks. I'm too lazy to go into detail about day two. Haha. BUT I will say that I was the 4th person to get "BANKAI!" (aka bingo) and I got 1st place in anime trivia round 2. YAYYYY! I felt like such a celebrity/ nerd at the time. Since there weren't any panels left that I wanted to attened, I ended up going to watch Penguin Musume Heart of which I ended up runing into the same friend who gave me lunch the first day. We ended up eating pizza thanks to her parents before heading off to the RE:dance. All in all, day two was more layed back and less packed than day 1.

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Elijah Lawson said...

Hello Elijah here, Nice too see some one keeping up with the new anime season besides me and my little sister. At the anime trivia I really wanted to let loose with internet fad anime from forums and such things but I was worried it would had made the question super obscure and hard so i tried to keep them based on really popular anime that had aired on TV back in the day namely Toonami and the more recently animondays on sci-fi thats why we had so many questions about gurren lagaan lol.
Anyhow I'm at work right now so
I can't really stay on for much I'd like to know what you thought about Eden of the East and anyother good stuff I'm constantly watching anime at work and at home.