[Spring 09 Anime] Preview (aka 'mini-reviews') [pt.1]

Basquash 1&2:
I wanted to watch this series wayy before I even knew about 80% of the Spring 2009 anime line-up. Many people wanted to emidiatly pass this one by, then the trailer came out. I was already convienced to watch this before the trailer, but after the trailer I checked veoh every day to see when the first episode would be out (subbed, of course). This one is defiantly aimed at boys, but the story between the main guy and his sister adds some female appeal (this is really evidant in episode two which has much less boob jiggle. The jiggle in episode one was a little too much). I love love love loveee the opening and ending themes plus the visuals. The overall animation is pretty sweet and the background music is not half bad. This anime has a Michiko to Hatchin mixed with Tekkonkinkreet (aka Black and White) feel, which is a really good thing. I'm already hooked on this anime two episodes in! You can bet Akia will keep watching this one untill the end (unless something really stupid occurs that ruins the feel of this anime). I reccomend both males and femals watch this despite the overly male aimed episode 1. Episode 2 adds some really good story and character development. The visuals have been constant in the first two episodes which is a big help to the appeal of this type of anime.
K-ON 1:
=.= Not much to say about this one. When I first saw a picture for this anime, I emidiatly was hoping for something remotely Haruhi-esque (the picture certainly gave the girls a Haruhi anime look!) but it turned out to be pretty... lame. The music, which is suppose to be the focus of this anime, is lacking and the characters are pretty bland. It seems like it'll be a Hyakko type series, but I'm not too sure if I'll watch all of this one like I am for Hyakko (3 episodes to go). I try to give every anime I watch 3 episodes, but I'm not too sure if I can stand to watch this one that long. Who knows, maybe episode 2 is a whole heck of a lot better? It's already on my external hard drive, waiting to be watched.... hmm. I don't really reccomend this one based on the first episode. I'll let you know who I reccomend it too after another episode or so. OR I'll be waiting untill I-studios does it's select 4 spring 09 anime preview anime for an episode of the Ogenki podcast... I'm seriously hoping that this is not one of the choices >.<
Eden of the East 1:
I was already anticipating this anime simply because of the manga-ka that designed the characters!! boy was I amazed! The opening theme and visuals is one of my favorites from this season! You have to watch this simply to see that (or you could cheat and search for the Eden of the East op on veoh/youtube). Ok, don't watch this just for that because then you won't pay attention to the wacked out story and awsome spoken english! There was only one engrish word, and that was 'die' (was said like 'you wana da!?' which made me laugh; hard). Other than that, the english was top notch! Most anime that tries to have english ends up being engrish, which is painful to english speaking ears. The main character being naked for a majority of the first half was brillliiiannntly done! I was in no way incomfetable because he is just too awsome of a character. I realize my mini-review of this is just me spouting random things, but that's the best I can do becuase there wasn't much story revealed in episode 1. BUT I don't care because this anime is already one of my favorites! It's too awsome for anyone, male or female, to pass up. I mean, heck, EPISODE 1 IS SET IN WASHINGTON DC, AT THE WHITE HOUSE! What can be cooler than that!? Bishies or moe girls!? *psh* I think not.
Tayutama -Kiss on my Diety- 1:
We has... a munk -.- That in itself already ruined this for me. I had enough of monks because of Inuyasha! Then there's the matter of these kawii spirits who are suppose to be evil, but even though they are acting evil, the evil acts don't look evil... *sigh* I usually love ergo based anime, but this is just too ridiculous! Every girl has too over the top hair... but the boy doesn't look like every other guy who gets every girl type... which is only a small plus to this negative anime. In episode 1, you can already tell this anime has 'need to protect' syndrome and a Tayu that comes to live on earth with the main guy tells him she'll be his wife! Rizelmine and many other anime has already done this D: This is definantly a moe type anime, which I would be ok with if there was a decent story but this seems like a mix of a few storys that have been buried already. I'll give it about 2 more episodes, but what I've heard about episode two does not give me much hope. I'm not going to bother reccomending this to anyone right now.
Hanasakeru Seishounen 1:
Since this anime has the look of The Wallflower, I didn't want to watch it. Strike that, I still don't want to watch it! ...but I have made it my goal to give most of the spring anime a chance so I don't miss out on a diamond that everyone else pushed to the trash pile without knowing. So far, based on one episode, this one has little potential- but that is more than Tayutama! Also the main girl is in love with her leapord who died. And then there is the matter of fate going into effect in this girls life. Anime that involves fate usually ends up as bland as time goes on >.<
Asura Cryin':
At first, I really did not know what to expect from this anime other than the guy can see a girl who is a ghost (and this ghost happens to be able to change clothes). As episode 1 went on, I was introduced to an anime that feels like it'll be a mix of Fate//Stay Night and Chaos;HEAD- two ergo based anime I liked. Then... mecha appears and the episode ends! What. The. FURBY D: I'm actually interested. This could be interesting.
Natsu no Arashi 1:
The opening and ending themes as well as visuals make this anime seem like one from the late 80s, early 90s. It turns out this is a magical girl anime with a time traveling twist... that's comedy. There was, in all honesty, only one part that made me laugh- Jun's girly voice. And, that was only a small chuckle utterd from my lips.

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