Manga[as of Easter 2009]

[c]= complete (meaning I own all of the series)
Aishiteruze Baby [vol.1-4]
Amazing Agent Luna [Omnibus #1= vol.1-3]
Angelic Layer [vol.2]
Black Cat [vol.1&2]
Bleach [vol.1-20]
Buso Renkin [vol.1&2]
Cardcaptor Sakura [vol.1]
Cardcaptor Sakura: Master of the Clow [vol.1&2]
Chronicles of the Cursed Sword [vol.1-6]
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion [vol.1&2]
D.N.Angel [vol.1-11]
Densha Otoko [vol.1]
Dorothy of OZ [vol.1-4]
Dragon Drive [vol.1-12]
Dramacon [vol.1-3][c]
Eyeshield 21 [vol.1-3]
Fall in love like a Comic [vol.1&2][c]
Fruits Basket [vol.1-22]
Full Moon wo Saghishite [vol.1-3]
Gentlemens Alliance Cross [vol.1]
Hayate the Combat Butler [vol.1&2]
Honey & Clover [vol.1-3]
Hot Gimmick [omnibus #1= vol.1-3]
Kingdom Hearts [vol.1-4][c]
Kingdom Hearts II [vol.1&2]
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories [vol.1]
Kitchen Princess [vol.1-8]
Konkon Ko Kon [vol.1]
Kurogane Communication [vol.1]
Magic Knight Rayearth II [vol.1]
Megaman [vol.1]
Meru Puri: Marchen Prince [vol.1&2]
Negima! [vol.9]
Nora [vol.1&2]
Ourian High School Host Club [vol.1-3]
Paradise Kiss [vol.1]
Pheonix Wright: Ace Attoruney [vol.1&2]
Pita-ten [vo.1-8][c]
Planet Ladder [vol.1-3]
Princess AI [vol.1-3][c]
Princess AI: The Prisim of Midnight Dawn [vol.1]
Pixie Pop [vol.1-3][c]
Rave Master [vol.1&2]
RE:Play [vol.1&2]
Rozen Maiden [vol.1&2]
S.A. [vol.1&2]
Sgt. Frog [omnibus #1= vol.1-3]
Shaolin Sisters [vol.1]
Shiki Tsukai [vol.1]
Solanin [viz signature ed][c]
Stellvia [vol.1&2][c]
Tokyo Mew Mew [vol.1-7][c]
Tokyo Mew Mew a la Mode [vol.1&2][c]
Trigun [vol.1]
Tsubasa: Resevior Chronicle [omnibus #1= vol.1-3; 7]
Tsubasa: Those with Wings [vol.1]
Wallflower [vol.1]
Wild Ones [vol.1]
Wolf's Rain [vol.1&2][c]
xxxHolic [omnibus #1= vol.1-3; 6]
Omnibuses'= 5
Volumes= 201
Complete Collections= 11
:Type Totals/ Cost (w/o tax):
$9.99x85= $849.15
$10.99x2= $21.98
$14.99x1= $14.99
$12.99x1= $12.99
$5.99x4= $29.95
Overall Total= $929.06
-Viz (Shounen Jump, Shoujo Beat, ect.)-
$7.95= $318
$8.99= $188.79
$9.99x4= $39.96
$17.99x2= $35.98
Overall Total= $582.73
-Del Rey-
$10.95x13= $142.35
$12.95x2= $25.9
$14.99x2= $29.98
Overall Total= $198.23
$11.95x4= $47.8
$9.95x2= $19.9
Bandai Entertainment
$9.99x2= $19.98
$11.99x1= $11.99
Dark Horse
$14.95x1= $14.95
$9.99x1= $9.99
$9.99x1= $9.99
Go! Comi
$10.99x1= $10.99
Overall Total= $145.59
Final MANGA Total: $1855.61
This is the total for manga I've bought (and been given) since I diligently started buying manga in the 8th grade. In 7th grade, I only owned Tokyo Mew Mew v2, Rave Master v1 and Cardcaptor Sakura v1. I started buying manga when my allowance was bumped up from $7 a month to $10. My first purchase was Fruits Basket v1. For about a year, Fruits Basket was all I bought with my allowance- I'd ask for other manga such as Bleach and Tokyo Mew Mew for my birthday and Christmas.
My Bleach collection started with my friend at the time using some of her b-day money to buy volume 1 for me. My D.N.Angel collection started when I asked my sister to buy me volume 1- she ended up getting me volumes 1&2 because of a box set Tokyopop has released at the time.

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