[Life Post] An Akia Update [#18]

This is a picture taken on DailyBooth on tuesday. [link] All of the photos in this entry are from my DailyBooth account =D
And so my spring break comes to an eventful close even though the week was some what non-eventfull. Here's a breakdown of what I did this past week (besides procrastinating on homework and procrastinating on cleaning my pig-stye of a room):
:Monday (3/16/2009):
Babysat a kid who's like a brother to me. I think I did something else also, but I can't really remember what I did other than that and an I-studios meeting. The meeting was ok; not one of my favorites. There weren't our usual amounts of laughs (or should I say my usual amounts of laughter because I'm usualy the one laughing).
:Tuesday (3/17/2009):
This day was much more of a productive one. I went to see Twilight in a 2$ theatre with some friends (It was my final chance to see Twilight in a theatre... even though 2$ theaters are crappy). Ended buying a large coke/ popcorn combo meal which limited what I could buy with the 20$ I had that day from babysitting the day before. Later on that day I went to Barnes and Nobles in hopes of purchasing Fruits Basket vol.22 or D.N.Angel vol. 12 (this one was not even on a shelf)... then I saw Tsubasa: Those With Wings vol.1 staring I me! I'm serious- STARING! As you can tell, I ended up walking away with volume 1 of Tsubasa: Those With Wings. If I had not bought the pocorn and coke, I could have bought Fruits Basket vol.22. I also continued to procrastinate on homework to the point where I did none.
:Wed. (3/18/2009): Ate lunch at Applebees with my sister (the younger one) and mom. My mom then gave my sister and I 40$ to go spent at Putt Putt. We ended up riding go-carts twice and played some arcade games for tickets. My sister ended up earning 200 tickets from this one game only to buy 91 mint candies :D! I bought those fans kids always break (I was one of those kids) only to end up crying. All 4 of them are still alive =D Also at thodays I-studios meeting I meet Nappy, our newest member- cosplay person. Nappy's awsome-tastic =D _____________________________________
:Thursday (3/19/2009):Turned in job applications for Pizza Hut and a movie theatre. Also read Tsubasa: Those With Wings vol.1 =)

:Friday (3/20/2009):
Recived Punk Goes Pop vol.2 in the mail because I entered a YouTube contest. [link] I also went to Barnes and Nobles because my mom gave me 40$ the day before. I wanted to save that 40$ for my AWA trip, but she wouldn't let me :( because it was deemed as "you must spend this spring break" type of money!! I bought Fruits Basket vol.22 and saved the rest for what I bought on saturday =)


:Saturday (3/21/2009):

The first thing I did with my day was sleep 'till 11am despite my plans to wake up on 9am. I then ate some lunch before taking a bath then headed off to buy the Twilight dvd I reserved (though there was no need to even reserve it because B and N had a tone of copies). I then sat down to watch most of the 7 part documentary that is on the special features disk. Then I decided to do some homework. English- Frankenstein questions of evil. EBIL I TELLS YOU. I was pretty down with my day. Watching Twilight extras was ok (a lot was stuff I had already seen on the internet or on TV specials).

When I went to get the mail, my dad was already looking brighter because my first subscription issue of Yen+ finally came in the mail (it's the April issue). I did what I usually do, flip through to read any special features. When I came to the fan art section, there was a very familiar picture that I swore I had seen before (of course, it was a panel from a chapter of Night School that I used to draw some fan art). I looked under the picture only to see my name. MY NAME! It was my fanart in the April issue of Yen+! My first published piece of art. 0_0 my eyes poped out. I told my mom, she said to buy more copies xD haha [details can be found here about my lovely art that got published in Yen+]

Now, it's still saturday, I'm going to go watch Knowing.

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