[AOW] Oh! My Goddess (TV)


This anime goes by several other titles such as Aa! Megami-sama, Ah! My Goddess... but I chose Oh! My Goddess because that is the version of the English title I have always known this franchise by. I have never had the chance to watch all of the TV version; though I am currently working my way through it now. The dub is fantastic. Usually if I am watching a series through for the first time I'll watch it it's native tongue (unless the series was released both in English and Japanese I'll typically try out the English first). With Oh! My Goddess I've heard nothing but good things about the dub so I thought why not watch it in English so if I need to I can blog and do other things while watching ^_^ This anime has a very iconic opening them so I've decided to feature that as the video this week. Let me know if you too love this series as so many do. It's a "harem" done right.

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Type: Manga Adaptation
Genre(s): Comedy, Romance, Magic, Supernatural
# of Episode(s): 46 +special eps
When Keiichi found his grandpa's diary and saw a treasure map inside, Skuld and Urd started to feel a great urge to search it. With the company of his friends, Keiichi arrives to Honda Inn, the place indicated on the map. Once the party is inside, they meet Honda Chieko, who seems to share a certain promise with Keiichi. Apart from all that confusion, it's time for Keiichi to have enough courage to say the words "I love you" to Belldandy.

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