Desk (more like room) Diary #1 // Some Otaku-esque Ramblin'

Hey there all my Nettaversers~ Sorry I've been gone from blogging since October 2014! Seems like the past few months went by in a flash mainly because of the holidays and my recent achievement of finding a pretty fantastic partner to spend my days with (aka a "boyfriend"). I've stayed active on my FB fan page and over on Instagram, so you should go follow me on those for your R//W[G] fix during these blogging dead periods I tend to go through. Also I've been playing some Idol maker games lately such as LoveLive! School Idol Festival (add me with this code -> 480629603) and some Im@s games; it's been fun playing as producer. Nice break from always being a lawyer (I really like the Phoenix Wright series). Since I've gotten a new day to day partner who tends to come over a lot, I ended up having to change around my room so I could add a second desk (though its a folding card table, but this has allowed me to add some figures for display), this also helped with my packing. I'm getting prepared to hopefully join the Army or some other branch of the military so I've started packing away a lot of my otaku goodies for storage. I know, that sounds really sad but it had to be done! I'm sorry if the post ends up really long (& if the images are sub par quality... I used a camera phone) and doesn't go anywhere... I just felt like posting something that wasn't an AOW as my return post~ Enjoy Minna-san.

My new laptop wallpaper :3
View of the bed when you walk into the door.
Oh look, Lavender is relaxing~~

Lately I've been trying to find some VN/Eroge to play when I stumbled on an article that stated Neko Paradise had received an official English translation thanks to the lovely folks over at Steam Greenlight. I got it, so now it's on my desktop ready to play (as you can see from the cat paw icon on the right). If you'd like to snag a copy for yourself, head over here. I'm not sure if a physical copy can be bought. This is also a very short eroge (only about 2-10 hours of gameplay) so if you're looking for something as lengthy as say Fate/Stay Night you're getting the wrong game! I've had a pillow from the game for a few years before learning it was from a little series called Neko Works. I don't know much about it beyond this, but I've called the pink haired girl Sakura and the darker haired one Lavender... but now I know their real names are Vanilla and Chocolate. I'm going to stick to my names for the pillow tho cause they've been given personalities over these past 5 years that I don't think the game will change for me. Lavender has always been my #1 waifu (don't get me wrong, I like dudes but even I know when a girl is cute. If I was a guy I'd tap that!) with Nia following in second place.

From Left to right: My main "claw machine" girlies are a Lucky Star x Yuki from Haruhi cross over figure, Elsie from The World God Only Knows and Maid Nia from Gurren Lagann. I wanted to get the Yoko one as well... but I had to choose one so of course I'd go for my anime waifu Nia! Next to them sits my Luna pillow and some ASVAB study guides plus a few other odds and ends. I'm currently using a Saber mouse pad and a handy star clip to keep my wired mouse in check. I used to use a wireless mouse, but the batteries would often die at the worst moments such as when I was in the middle of a League of Legends match! If you'd like to add me, my summoner name is MashimaruSan. I mainly play mages such as Annie, Ahri, Vel'Koz and Nami but I'm trying to broaden my horizons when it comes to champions and lanes I play.

Mushi-uta is one of my all time favorite anime even though it was highly unliked when it came out. I haven't really gotten around to ready the light novels because I'd really like a second season one day... even though it's going on 6 years since the first season was released back in 2009. Since my hopes will probably never be meet, I've kept an image from the series as my laptops lock screen since getting it. My spare phone is used as an anime clock for no real reason other than I like the visual. I do have the MiraiClock app as well which is made by the same company as the one you see in this picture, but I'm in a cat girl mood right now so I'm keeping this one on for now.

My second desk has a much simplier set up cause it's mainly used by my partner. He's been playing a lot of Battlfield lately. I originally had the TV on the book shelf beside the desk but he refused to play Xbox on the bed, so I moved it onto the desk. I have a extra computer screen stored where it was for now until I can find a power cord for it that seems to have been misplaced when my roomates moved out. He has a much nicer laptop than I do, but I still love my Vaio. Put Sonico on the deck for him cause she's a cutie and Toad just cause he needed a nice place to sit. You can see the main chunk of my game collection on the shelf. I love my 3DS more than anything I own because it's gotten the most use out of all my tech.

Well I'm going to end here. One of my favorite wallscrolls is the one I have of Kirino cosplaying. Oreimo is possibly my all time favorite anime about an otaku, it really started my craze with anime of it's kind and helped me not be embaressed for liking galgames and eroge even if I was playing to get some girls heart despite being straight IRL.

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