[AOW] Fate/Stay Night (4/28-5/4/2012)

One of my roomates bought this anime on DVD  a few weeks ago simply because Best Buy now price matches to Amazon... they are going to lose lots of moola lol. Anyways, I've been a fan of all things in the Fate universe for a while now, but I never saw the anime in English... which now that I'm watching it I sure did not lose out by watching this one in Japanese. Though, I am a fan of Liam OBrien's sexy voice. Mmmm. Well, he does a pretty good job as Archer (the male pictured above) but the rest of the cast is pretty weak in the voice department. I particularly really dislike Sakura's vocie- it is way to child like. BUT if you are ok with watching in Japanese with subs, do it. Save your ears the trouble. The only reason I'm watching this one in English is because I've seen it before... and I like to have some anime playing while I work on my blog.

Type: Visual Novel Adaptation
Genre(s): Action, Fantasy, Magic, Shonen, Drama, Tragedy
Episodes: 24
Raised by a mysterious sorcerer after the horrific death of his parents, Shiro Emiya has only just begun to help others using the small tidbits of magic that he's learned. However, when he's suddenly caught in a battle between two more powerful Magus, Shiro finds himself performing a spell above his expected ability, summoning the beautiful spirit warrior Saber to protect him! But safety is only momentary as Shiro and Saber now find themselves thrust into in a secret world of dark magic and deadly challenges: a no-holds barred duel to the death known as the Holy Grail War! At stake: a prize of unimaginable power. But can the inexperienced Shiro and Saber survive long enough to even enter the contest? First they'll have to withstand waves of treachery and assassination, even as Shiro scrambles to learn everything he'll need to know to stay alive as seven teams of Magus and Spirit Servants face off in mortal combat! 

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