[Quick Review] From Up On Poppy Hill

Image copyright Studio Ghibli

Type: Manga Adpatation
Genres: Drama, Romance, Tragedy
Synopsis:A group of Yokohama teens look to save their school's clubhouse from the wrecking ball in preparations for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. 

From Up On Poppy Hill came out in Japan during the year 2011, so I'm wondering why the English adaptation of the film is barely getting released about 2 years later? Well, today I finished watching the Japanese version and found my answer....

1) The film is boring and lacks that Ghibli magic (which seems to happen when Goro directs).
2) This film looks like a Ghibli film, but lacks that magical element even Ponyo and Arriety had (even though those are two of the weakest Ghibli films in my opinion after Tales from Earthsea).
3) The characters are all pretty plain and the story lacked any real villian other than a situation where the students had to fight to keep a precious club house from being torn down.
4) Even though the animation was good, it still lacked that shinyness older Ghibli films seemed to have (note Spirited Away and Castle in the Sky).  
5) The music was just ok. I haven't really heard any good music in a Ghibli film since well much older Ghibli films.\

Basically, From Up On Poppy Hill was made by Ghibli studio but in no way is a Ghibli film. Heck, Disney isn't even releasing the English version. Some studio called GKIDS is... 

 Review rating:
((waste your time only if you really need to))

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