[PSVita] What the Vita!?- Japanese Price Drop and New Color

There's been a flurry of PlayStation 4 news lately that the Vita seems to be going under a lot of people's radar. I owned a black Vita before but due to financial troubles had to sell it, regardless of that I loved the system and it was almost like having to sell a piece of myself. I hope to one day get a new one but I'm kind of holding out for either the color red (well one that I can purchase state side. There is a bundle in Japan that has a red Vita) or a price drop I can get behind- or when I have some expendable income to buy one. 

The Price Drop in Japan:
February 18th brought some interesting news for those who have been thinking about buying a Vita but don't want to pay $200+ to buy one new- well those in Japan. Both the 4G and Wi-Fi models have received a pretty nice price drop to ¥19,980 (about $212)... yet there is no sign of a drop in price outside of Japan. According to Japanator this is due to the Japanese yen dropping in value. Maybe one day (probably not till late 2014 or maybe if were lucky during the Christmas prep season this year) American's will see a price drop in the near future as well.

New "Ice White" Color:
While North American's are able to get a white Vita bundled with Assasin's Creed III, we have yet to get the bundle that comes with Soul Sacrifice (I really want that Red Vita) so getting the new Ice White Vita probably will not happen any time soon either. Ah oh well, at least Japan will be able to keep their handheld system cleaner!

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