Some Dream Figures and Dolls of Mine #1

Figure Name/Make: Nia/Konami
Photographer: [link]
Comments: GAH... it's such a good looking figure! I'd also love this "messenger" shirt modeled after Nia ^^ It's such a neat tribute to one of my favorite characters of all time. I also want this cushion cover to go with the Nia pillow I have already. Oh an art book.
Some other Nia Figures: Instead of posting pictures for all of them, the more expensive ones/ ones I don't desire as much- This one was originally a garage kit, and is now a $120 figure [1]!! This one I don't like as much and it's $74 [2]. These come in a set [3].

Figure Name/Make: Flandre/Nendroid
Photographer: [link]
Comments: I have the Liqid Stone (who from what I can tell make figures similar to Nendroids) figure of her which is by far one of my favorite figures! I'm not a huge fan of the series of Touhou games, but I am a fan of this character.

Doll Name/Make: Kirino/Pure Nemo
Photographer: [link]
Comments: It's not the best looking doll ever, but it is an affordable one! If I were to get an expensive doll such as a Dollfie I decided a long time ago my first choice would be Nia, followed by any of these- Saber Lilly, Mari, maid Rei, maid Asuka, Yuki, Saber Alter, Rin. I want Saber Alter and maid Rei just about as much as Nia though ;D They are ADORABLE!

I can't seem to find any high quality poss-able Nia figures. It's pretty sad considering she is probably my favorite female anime character of all time right now. ;o;

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