[Gundam News] 1/100 MG Epyon version EW (TPB in June) [by striker0]

Bandai sure isn't forgetting about the Gundam Wing fans, as their continued releases of new Gundam Wing model kits, more specifically the designs from Hajime Katoki. This time around, Bandai is really getting the fans ready to go with the 1/100 MG Epyon version EW. And just like Epyon's of yore, this one can transform into it's twin-headed Dragon mode, and it also comes with one of the cooler weapons out there, the Heat Rod.

Suggested retail price for this bad mother is roughly 4800 Yen, or about $55 USD. So best start rolling up them pennies, mowing lawns, or forget about eating McDonald's for a while, because this is one kit that will probably sell faster than hot cakes.

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