[Gundam News] 1/100 MG 00 Raiser (to be released in May) [by striker0]

In May of this year, Bandai will be releasing another new master grade, the 1/100 MG 00 Raiser from the second season of Gundam 00. At the current exchange rate from the Japanese Yen, this model will set you back about $79USD, but with a decent weapon payload, including the two GN Sword II's, the GN Sword III, as well as the Beam Sabers, and let's not forget the important 0 Raiser This particular unit will also come with one LED unit, but could also take up to four, so chances are you'll have to order more through some other means (maybe HobbyLink Japan will have them?)

One could only hope this model doesn't suffer from the same LJS (loose joint syndrome) as the MG Exia.

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