What's this "Mardock Scramble"?

Mardock Scramble started off as a thick one volume light novel written by Tow Ubukata who is best known state side for his novel Chaos Legion of which the Capcom video game of the same name is based on. The novel was to be adapted into an anime, but on December 21st 2006 Gonzo anounced that the project was canceled but if it was ever to have been completed it would have been an OAV. Recently the novel has been adapted into a movie called Mardock Scramble: The First Compression, and it seems this is only the start of a trilogy of animated films. The film was released November 6th 2010 to Japanese audiences and has not currently seen an English release. The novel on the other hand was released by Viz Media on January 18th 2010 in English. There is also a manga adaptation.
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Synopsis (novel): Why me? It was to be the last thought a young prostitute, Rune-Balot, would ever have...as a human anyway. Taken in by a devious gambler named Shell, she became a slave to his cruel desires and would have been killed by his hand if not for the self-aware All-Purpose Tool (and little yellow mouse) known as Oeufcoque. Now a cyborg, Balot is not only nigh-invulnerable but has the ability to disrupt electrical systems of all sorts. But even these powers may not be enough for Balot to deal with Shell, who offloads his memories to remain above the law, the immense assassin Dimsdale-Boiled, or the neon-noir streets of Mardock City itself.

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